Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SXSW 2007

This blog will keeps tabs on the 2007 South by South West Conference. Posts will run March 13-18th. Here is the list of Music Panels this year, I'll be attending most of the CLE events, and i'll post recaps. Music events are too numerous to mention, but there may be recaps of those as well. I love you all.

Wednesday, March 14
(Wednesday panels are intended for developing artists and those seeking solid information about the music business.)

A Field Guide to Indie Labels
Mentor Session 1
Crash Course #1: Management
Crash Course #2: Legal Matters
Touring on a Shoestring Budget
Demo Listening 1
Mentor Session 2
Crash Course #3: Merchandising
Working the Web: Resources for Musicians
Crash Course #4: Recording
Demo Listening 2
Crash Course #5: Press & Publicity
SXSW Interview: Gilberto Gil


Keynote: Pete Townshend in conversation with Bill Flanagan
(The keynote is Wednesday March 14 at 6:30 PM, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Austin, directly across from the Austin Convention Center.)

Thursday, March 15

SXSW Interview: Emmylou Harris
SXSW Interview: Terry McBride
Mentor Session 3
Record Companies: Who Needs Them? Presented by David Byrne
A&R (Before, During, and After the Deal)
Is College Radio Still Important?
Demo Listening 3
Artists Speak Up
Idiots Unite!
Songwriters Strum and Sing
China's Emerging Music Market
Demo Listening 4
Mentor Session 4
Music, Money and Success
Reinventing Payment Models for Digital Music
Greening The Music Industry

Friday, March 16

SXSW Interview: Rickie Lee Jones
Placement in TV and Movies
Can Art Survive Google?
Studio DOs and DON'Ts
The Relevance of Retail
Mentor Session 5
Comedy on the Music Circuit
SXSW Interview: Booker T Jones
Latin Music in a Fragmented Marketplace
Net Neutrality and Your Music
CLE 1 - Litigation: Decision Review
Demo Listening 5
CLE 2 - Advocacy and Legislation
SXSW Interview: Joe Boyd
What Do You Want From Life?
What Makes a Successful Tour?
Why Does Today's Music Sound Like Shit?
Mentor Session 6
Demo Listening 6
CLE 3 - Deals of Tomorrow
SXSW Interview: Iggy Pop
Indies and Artists
Come Together: Mobile Phones and Portable Music Players Converge
Navigating the Publishing Landscape
Rock and Roll Is for Kids!
CLE 4 - Music Law Practice: Past, Present, and Future

Saturday, March 17

CLE 5 - Recording Deals: Master Plans
A&R and the Recording Process
Covering Music In New Media
Breaking AAA Careers in a Multi-Platform Environment
Nick Drake Remembered
Mentor Session 7
Doing Service, Giving Back
CLE 6 - Touring: On the Road Again
Say It Loud, I'm WHAT? and I'm Proud
Selling Music Digitally
World Music Roundtable
CLE 7 - Publishing: A New Administration
Producers: R&B Meets Hip Hop
Aggregation Without Aggravation
The Managers Panel
CLE 8 - Licensing: Exploitation as a Good Thing

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