Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crash Course #1 - Managment

Much of the management overview section focused on the number 300. (insert greek mythology reference here). The idea is that when your band is drawing 300 people to any given show, you have enough momentum to start getting attention from bigger venues and labels, and it’s much easier to grow from 300-1000 than it is from 0-300.

These panelists where pretty keyed into the current state of the music industry. They had good practical advice for the more specific questions (diversifying the bands you represent is a good way to survive “nichification” of the music industry) and also practically discussed commercial and tv placements. A number of bands utilize placement specialists to try to find tv airplay for their songs. Typically, bands don’t forfeit any copyrights, and the headhunter gets 20% off the top of revenues related to that placement (always walk away from someone asking for a fee). In many foreign markets like the UK, commercial placement is a crucial aspect of breaking an unsigned band.

The panelist referenced the fact that “the music industry is changing” no less than 5 times (I’ve been counting). Thus far, the quality of a panel has been directly proportional to the number of times this is mentioned (more on that later), but the presenters really stressed that a band has to work to create something that stands out. Bands have to prove they are worth listening too and worth seeing, whether that be through a good live draw or a quality demo with a defined sound.

One sentence synopsis “A new age has come, an age of freedom, and all will know that 300 [live show attendees] gave their last breath to defend it.”

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