Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Radiohead allows DRM-free digital downloads

Radiohead has finally broken its long-held ban on digital downloads by placing much of its catalog on a U.K. digital download service.

The band's former label, EMI Music Group, struck a deal with 7digital for such albums as "The Bends" and "OK Computer." Only the full albums are available, not individual track downloads. The catalog also will be sold without any DRM protection, per EMI's broader effort.

This has been a sticking point with Radiohead for some time, and is the primary reason its work has not yet appeared on iTunes. Radiohead does have a handful of songs on iTunes that were included on various soundtracks or compilations.

The 7digital service has scored a number of high-profile content exclusives of late due to its willingness to sell in album-only formats. Earlier this month it added Pink Floyd's catalog, and in August nabbed more than 20 Rolling Stones albums.

via Billboard.biz

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