Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Swedish Government Tries To Stop Piracy... Again

In another push to deter online piracy in Sweden, the country's government proposed a law forcing Internet service providers to cut off customers sharing copyrighted material via the Web. A report by a government-appointed investigator said that illegal file-sharing was "a significant obstacle" to giving users the options to abide by the law. If the ISPs choose not to cut off their service, they will face large fines.

The Swedish government has been trying hard over the last two years to shed the nation's image as a den for illegal MP3s. First came the July 2005 law banning online file-sharing. Then the police raided BitTorrent tracker the Pirate Bay. Next came the overturned conviction of a man standing trial for online piracy in October 2006.

According to the Associated Press, 10 percent of tech-savvy Swedes get their media illegally, in spite of all of the government actions. It remains to be seen if going to the source will be a significant deterrent.


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